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Steph and John Engagement | Port Perry, ON

It's no surprise I adore sunrise sessions, its quiet and the light is perfect. So driving out to Port Perry, north east of Toronto was a perfect way to watch the sun rise...except, there was so much fog, like can't even see a foot outside of the car kinda fog, intense tunnel vision fog, there really wasn't much of a sunrise. We just had to create our own by using car headlights in a different way.

It worked though, maybe it was the fog? Or maybe it was the laid back and calm attitude of Steph and John and being out on their amazing property that will be the home to their future dream house? Whatever it was that made this session work, it worked.

Some couples say to me they don't want to do an engagement session, reasons for this are usually the same, they feel uncomfortable in front of the camera. I get that, but, trust me when I say, I make it as fun as possible, we laugh, we talk about how you both met, we talk about what your favourite things are, what you are planning for your wedding and other random stuff that pops up in my head. You won't even notice I'm taking your picture until I yell "STOP right there, the light is perfect, lets stay here for a bit." If you are feeling uncomfortable that's fine as well, and we can take breaks and have a cup of tea. I follow your lead and I promise you at the end of our time together, we will be friends and you will be friends with the camera.

For me, engagement sessions help me begin telling your most important story, it's the beginning of something that is going to last a lifetime, your story of love. This is why I always encourage couples to do engagement sessions.

Kissing on a road

Walking side by side

Creating our own sunrise


Sneaking a kiss

In the forest

Walking in the forest

A quick one of the bride to be

Just a man and his truck

Sharing some laughter

Sharing some laughter

Kissing in the forest

Walking in their future home

Kissing in the fog

Stop and look at me, naturally

Alone in the field

Alone in the fog

In the field with the fog

Reaching out his hand

Dreaming together


Telling stories

Explaining to me where their house will be

Telling stories


Outside the trailer

Outside their trailer

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