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It's no surprise I adore sunrise sessions, its quiet and the light is perfect. So driving out to Port Hope, north east of Toronto was a perfect way to watch the sun rise...except, there was so much fog, like can't even see a foot outside of the car kinda fog, intense tunnel vision fog, there really wasn't much of a sunrise. We just had to create our own by using car headlights in a different way.

It worked though, maybe it was the fog? Or maybe it was the laid back and calm attitude of Steph and John and being out on their amazing property that will be the home to their future dream house? Whatever it was that made this session work, it worked...I can't wait to be there with Steph and John at their wedding, it seems so far away but as we all know, time goes by so fast.

So here's to looking forward to October, 2018 and here's to LOVE!!!!

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