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Lynde Shores Engagement | Lindsey & William

Lindsey and William are pretty amazing! It was so natural to photograph this couple during their Lynde Shores Engagement session, with all their playful tenderness on display. There’s something special about couples who are both teachers. Maybe it’s the tender care they have for others, or their incredible ability to really listen to people and understand their needs. Those skills will come in handy in the next chapter of their life, as they prepare to start a family together. Their wedding is coming up soon in August, and when I asked how they envision their big day they said: “as a celebration where we can hang out with all of our favourite people, eat good food, and have fun”. Sounds about right to me. I’m so lucky to become friends with the couples I work with, and Lindsey and William are no exception. Their session took place around Halloween, and afterwards, Lindsey and I had many conversations around Friday the 13th which William is a big fan of. It’s the little details like these that make my job so great. That and of course the wonderful couples and beautiful spaces we explore together. Their Lynde Shores Engagement session took place in a conservation area that is a protected wetlands zone in Durham Region with wonderful hiking trails & great wildlife viewing – we even spotted a pair of deer! Lindsey and William’s favourite part of the session was when they were standing on the boardwalk and she leaned into William as he was kissing her on the head. They even had that shot blown up onto a canvas to hang in their living room. I get it. That tall grass growing on either side of the boardwalk does make for a pretty romantic atmosphere. I sent the couple a few questions about the session and their relationship but these two questions say it all. What's the thing you love most about your partner mentally? William - "I love that she is an intellectual and we complement each other very well" Lindsey - "I love that he is constantly reading and learning about new things" What's your favourite physical feature about your partner? William - "I love her eyes" Lindsey - "I love his eyes, they are a beautiful blue"

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