Keere-Fright In-Home Family Session | Whitby, ON

I have a soft spot for Midwives, I do, I think they are just amazing human beings and I love them. So when Laura contacted me to film her family and then told me she is a midwife, I fell in love with her. Both her and Mike are so warm and kind. Who really stole the show for me, is their eleven year old doggie name Benson, this dog is pretty special, as you will see in the images, he has diabetes, and Mike and Laura (the kids help) give him 2 shots daily to help his diabetes stay under control...again AMAZING!!!! I'm really thankful we got to spend time together.

I love meeting families for breakfast, the kids are always so awake but not cranky, the sun is always soft and peaceful. This session was an early morning breakfast session, I arrived at their Whitby, ON house around 8am (which is actually not that early in my world LOL), just in time for them to make some really yummy pancakes. Oh, I may have forgotten to mention that this is a family of SIX!!!! Two amazingly sweet girls and 2 amazing kind boys. After breakfast, we just hung out, no stress, the kids showed me their favourite toys, they coloured, mom and dad relaxed and we all had a good time.

Lifestyle, documentary sessions are really the bomb, they are so calm, kids actually get to have fun and mom and dad get really amazing memories to create amazing books or prints out of.

I hope you enjoy these images, they show a family full of joy, adventure and curiosity. Thank you Keere-Fright family for having me over for breakfast xo

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