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In Home Family Session | Durham, ON

Its winter, I get it, no one wants to get their pictures done, its cold outside and blah in the house. But shortly after Christmas this family had an idea, keep the Christmas tree up and lets do some family shots. I would be lying if I said I wasn't a wee bit nervous, the father of this family after all is a photographer himself (check him out at, I've filmed them before and really wanted to do them proud. Our first meeting was in my old studio, which I closed down 2 years ago after I decided to commit solely to documentary work, but boy did I fall in love with this little boy, he is so easy, so joyful and so fun. So seeing them again really made my heart swell.

So we met late one morning in North Whitby, to do a little documentary, their family has grown and they now have the most precious baby girl. I couldn't be more happier with how these images turned out, with a good mix of candid (yes they played a proper game of hockey in the basement), true documentary and some lightly guided posing I think these are images to be cherished for a lifetime.

Thank you, I enjoyed our time together so much xo

Baby waking up

baby waking up

baby waking up

lets go see the rest of the family

walking down the stairs with baby

baby seeing daddy

the whole family in the kitchen

daddy and son playing

playing hockey

playing hockey

playing hockey

baby staring at photographer

playing with lego

family time in the coolest room

all together in the coolest room

all together in the coolest room

child staring out the window

daddy and son playing star wars

black and white daddy and son playing

smiles from mommy and baby

mommy and baby girl

all together family of four

brother loves his little sister

all together in mommy and daddy's room

father and son making goofy faces

reading time as a family

mommy and baby girl in front of christmas tree

smiles in front of christmas tree

playing lego together


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