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As I'm writing this blog, my heart is so full for these two, over the weekend, these two special people were married. In a quiet ceremony in Vegas, with friends and family watching online, they exchanged the most beautiful vows I ever heard, promising to love each other fully.

I have known Laura for 21 years now, we've grown a lot since our 2o's and I'm so proud of the woman she is, she is true to herself, full of life and really the most calm person I have ever met. I think we have gotten each other through some really shitty times, I'm happy to also be able to hold her hand through the joyful times, of which I know there will be plenty of when this new baby enters the world.

Last weekend, her and her partner had me and the gang (the kids and husband) over for a lovely brunch, the room was filled with friends and the afternoon was just lovely. After shooting a few candids in their Cabbage Town apartment, we headed out into the busy Toronto streets to snap a few shots of the two lovebirds and although the air was a bit chilly, these two were totally easy going about me asking them to stand really still and kiss in the middle of a busy intersection...thank you!

So in a few weeks, we get to meet this special little baby, I can't wait and like I've said a million times in the last few days Laura, I truly am so happy for you. May you and Brahm have a life filled with Joy, Laughter and Love xo


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