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Brock Street Brewing Co. Wedding | Lindsey & William | Whitby, ON

Lindsey and William’s Brock Street Brewing Co. wedding was one of those laid back days were everything just came together so naturally you couldn’t imagine it any other way. To give you a little perspective on just how laid back this teacher couple are, their wedding venue wasn’t even built yet when they reserved the space, and they went with the flow through design changes and setbacks without breaking a sweat. Unsurprisingly everyone was so relaxed on their big day and it really set the mood for the whole wedding. I guess that’s what you get when two teachers get married. The morning was a real pleasure for me getting to know Lindsey’s bridesmaids, who I can’t say enough about! William had the gift of being surround by his equally laidback grooms men, and by the time we had arrived they were already dressed and ready to go. To say the day ran smoothly might be an understatement. During the ceremony Lindsey had her step dad walk her part way down the aisle and her dad took over midway, but it worked out perfectly because Brock Street Brewing Co. has a two aisle setup that lent itself to sharing that special moment between each of them. Now while emotions seemed pretty contained for most of the day, when the speeches arrived...oh my goodness, tears were everywhere! Lindsey's grandparents who had been married for 60+ years said a prayer for the couple which was particularly lovely. In the end I just feel so lucky to have had Lindsey and William’s trust to capture their special day because they just made everything so easy. Anything I suggested they were up for! So congratulations to you both and may you continue to breeze through life together as you start the next chapter of your life as a family!

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