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Brock Street Brewery Wedding | Andrea & Greg

Andrea and Greg were introduced to me by their venue, Brock Street Brewery. We met at a cafe in Bowmanville and got on right away. I really love how excited Andrea gets about things, but also how laid back Greg is, they really compliment each other just perfectly. It was such a treat to photograph both their engagement session and their Brock Street Brewery Wedding this year.

They planned their wedding for June which is, in my opinion, the perfect month. You get the best weather for June weddings, not too hot, yet not cold at all. Can I just add that Andrea looked so incredibly beautiful on her wedding day, like a movie star who just walked off a movie set. Her bridesmaids were so lovely in the morning getting ready; each one was there to help make her dreams come true for her special day. The groomsmen were also pretty great; all coming from Greg’s army days, so there was this brotherly vibe among them for sure.

Andrea and Greg had a lovely ceremony at the same location as their venue, but you could tell from the start of the day that everyone was ready to party. Brock Street Brewery was the perfect match for them since both the bride and groom love beer and the brewery has some amazing beer to offer. Before we got started with the reception we went down to the lake to photograph the bridal party. This was probably my favourite part of the day, as we snuck onto the lighthouse pier and got some amazing pictures with the lovely blue sky. There were also some pretty funny antics from the groomsmen down on the pier.

The reception didn’t fall short of amazing moments, including an awesome entrance by Andrea and Greg, plus Greg’s cousin did a rap for him instead of a typical speech, which was pretty epic! I particularly loved hearing their story as a couple, since Greg being in the army meant they had to do long distance for a while. I can really relate to that as my husband and I were long distance for several years. Greg and Andrea also paid tribute to loved ones in speeches and photos. There was a lot of love in the room for these two, and it’s not hard to see why.

If you’re curious to read more about Greg and Andrea’s story definitely check out their Bowmanville engagement session.

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