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A few weeks ago I put out a call to photograph families in their homes specifically with dogs and young children. I really think documenting families is super important, I think documenting them in their home is even more important. Something happens when parents and children are comfortable in their home.

Kids open up and parents relax. Its really quite beautiful.

The Carter Family...I received an email from the husband who wanted to do a photoshoot for his wife. It was a lovely gesture to help in the healing process, his wife lost her mom a few years ago, this of course is really close to my heart as I lost my mom 8 years ago. I knew instantly, I was filming this family.

So two weeks ago I ventured out to their Whitby house (not far from me really but the weather was a bit messy), early in the morning to have breakfast with this lovely couple, their two young boys and their two dogs (which they inherited from her mom after she passed away). Our morning was filled with lots of love, all my nerves (which I always get before I enter a clients house) disappeared as soon as I stepped into this beautiful house. A home filled with joy and laughter is always warm, but a home filled with memories of a very important person is even more special. I love how this family keeps the memory of grandma alive, she's in their conversations, she's in their photos and she's even in their milk (see the picture with the milk container with writing on it, thats grandma's writing). Having lost my mom at a similar age, I think keeping their memory alive of those that have past is so important. I can't stress that enough, even though they are not here, they are always with us.

Thank you Carter family, thank you Shawn for loving your wife so much to do this for her. You guys really touched me and I am so thankful you let me into your home to document your amazing family xo

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