The Normans | Lifestyle Family Session | Oshawa, 2015

This was my first, my first lifestyle session in the truest form. Letting things happen as they do, letting everyone just interact with each other, trying to be a fly on the wall. Listening to stories, hearing amazing stories. Tera's dad, his stories are amazing. Tera's mom has this love, a love for both her daughter and grandson that you felt throughout the whole house.

But the love for her husband, I wish for that. The jokes, there were lots, but the love was strong. I still smile whenever I look back at this session. I smile when I see Tera's mom and dad holding hands, I smile when I see the picture of took her father sitting on his own, I remember the story he was telling me.

But Henry, this little boy, who is not so little anymore. He stole my heart, I smile when I look at his messy hair and his cheeky smile. This boy, this boy is one of a kind, in a one of kind family.

Thank you Tera, this session still brings me joy.


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