Jacqulene and Luca | In-Home and Outdoor Lifestyle Session | Toronto, 2015

As I'm loading more sessions onto the blog, I came across this session. Luca was born on the exact same day as my son, at the same hospital.. His mom, Jacqulene, and I met during prenatal classes at the hospital, we had a lot in common and continued to find bonds throughout our maternity leave. Jacqulene got me through some really tough emotions, you know, the ups and downs of having a newborn. I've always been really thankful for her during that time and when we do get together (as infrequent as it is), I am always reminded of how amazing she is, both as a mom and a friend.

I am going through this session with a bit of teary eyes, our boys turn 5 this week. FIVE!!!! They've started school and have grown up so much. I'm looking forward to seeing this big 5 year old later this month.


Whitby Photographer

Whitby | Toronto | GTA 

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