Why I Marched | January 21, 2017 Toronto

I marched.

I marched because I want equal pay

I marched because I'm tired of worrying about getting raped, sexual assaulted or harassed

I marched because I'm tired of comments made towards my body

I marched because I want to feed a baby with my body without ridicule or judgement and in some cases, without it being against the law

I marched because I often feel like a second class citizen

I marched because I know women across the world have it way worst and that isn't okay

I marched because I want Alice to make the same pay as her male counterpart

I marched because I want Alice to feel safe

I marched because I want Alice to be judged by her character, by her brain and not by her looks

I marched because I never want to hear someone tell Alice she can't do something because she is a girl

I marched because I can't hear the words "you run, throw etc like a girl"

I marched because I don't think men should decide on whether abortion is right or wrong

I understand that many women don't agree, I get that. That is their right, you don't have to agree, but you don't have to call us names, you may not support us but please don't shame us. Don't make our efforts seem trivial and meaningless. Think of all the women that have fought the battle before us, they too were told their actions were meaningless and that nothing will change, they too were discouraged, but they kept marching.

I will keep marching until I hear 3 words..."We hear you" maybe from those 3 words change will happen.


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